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Meet The Team - Simon, ATS Clacton

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ATS Euromaster Team Member

Meet The Team - Simon, ATS Clacton

Introducing Simon, a valuable member of our team at ATS Clacton. With over four decades of service, Simon's expertise and commitment have made him an integral part of our organisation.

Simon joined ATS in 1981, starting as a YTS member and progressing through various roles. Currently serving as the COM in Clacton A255 since 1996, Simon's customer interactions have been incredibly rewarding.

Simon has also witnessed positive changes within the automotive industry throughout his career. One notable advancement he highlights is the integration of tablets into our operations. With the completion of the ironing out process, these tablets have become invaluable tools, providing quick access to vital information such as torque settings and air conditioning specifications. This enhancement has streamlined our processes, allowing us to serve our customers more efficiently.

Join us in recognising Simon's outstanding contributions and long standing service.