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Values That Drive Us

Driving Success: Our Values Fueling the Road for Customers and Employees

At the core of ATS Euromaster are four values that transform every interaction into a memorable experience, both for our customers and team members.
  • ATS Euromaster Values


    Just as we value honesty in our customer interactions, we also extend this value to our employees. We believe in open and transparent communication, where your voice is heard, and your opinions matter.

  • ATS Euromaster Values


    We know that getting it right matters not only to our customers but also to our dedicated team. By investing in your skills development and fostering a culture of continuous learning, we ensure that you have the knowledge and expertise to excel in your role.

  • ATS Euromaster Values

    Outstanding Customer Care

    Outstanding Customer Care is not just a promise to our customers but also to you, our team members. By putting our customers first, we hope to be their number one choice, and by putting you first, we aim to be your number one choice as an employer. Your well-being and satisfaction are central to our success.

  • ATS Euromaster Values

    Easy to do Business with

    We believe that by making it easy for our employees to collaborate, access resources, and seek support, we create a harmonious and efficient work environment that ultimately benefits our customers and partners.

Our Journey

  • 1965

    ATS Euromaster Established

  • 1974

    ATS buys 70 UK Tyre Centres from Uniroyal

  • 1991

    The Euromaster name is trademarked and ATS join the Euromaster Group

  • 2000

    Aston Customer Service Centre opens

  • 2002

    ATS is rebranded to ATS Euromaster

  • 2009

    ATS becomes the first national tyre specialist to be accredited by both SAFEcontractor and CHAS

  • 2018

    GoTo Call Centre launched at Aston office

  • 2019

    Euromaster launch Cultural Safety Plan

  • 2020

    Double Reflex safety ethos introduced

  • 2021

    ATS awarded 8 consecutive years of RoSPA Gold

  • 2023

    ATS awarded RoSPA Presidents Award

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Joining our team isn't just about finding a position; it's about accelerating your career on the fast lane towards success in the automotive sector.

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