ATS Euromaster Team Members

Hear From Our People

  • Since joining the ATS Euromaster as a Customer Service Advisor in 2015, I have been fortunate enough to embark on a journey that has provided me with invaluable insights into our operations.

    The guidance and support given by the previous Call Centre Managers and key stakeholders within the company has helped me to learn the intricacies of our business, and to develop my knowledge and skillset to ensure my input is beneficial in any way possible.

    As the senior manager in my department, I thrive on the dynamic nature of the role, knowing that a new challenge is always on the horizon. Leading a team dedicated to customer satisfaction allows me to inspire, guide, and witness their growth firsthand.

    ATS Euromaster's values resonate with my passion for excellence, making my role a rewarding journey where every decision contributes to our collective success.

    Courtney , Call Center Operations Manager
  • Joining ATS Euromaster over a year ago was a transformative step in my career.

    As a Service Technician, I've been fortunate to engage in diverse tasks, from tyre fitting to vehicle inspections, all while delivering top-quality service and assisting our valued customers.

    ATS Euromaster's Fast-Track trainee course paved the way for my growth, taking me from a previous warehouse job to my current role in just over a year.

    What I treasure most about my job is the satisfaction of providing customers with the best service possible. I am deeply grateful to ATS Euromaster for the support and the incredible opportunities they've provided me.

    I look forward to many more fulfilling years with this exceptional team.

    Amber, Service Technician
  • My journey with ATS began in May 2020, and I proudly serve as a Territory Manager, overseeing and nurturing our B2B business.

    In my role, collaboration is key—I work closely with my team members, as well as our centre and mobile teams, to ensure we deliver the highest level of service possible.

    Embracing the dynamic nature of each day, I find fulfilment in the ever-changing challenges and the opportunity to cultivate lasting relationships with our customers.

    ATS has provided me with a platform to not only contribute to our team's success but also to thrive in an environment that values adaptability and meaningful connections.

    Yvonne , Territory Manager
  • My journey with this company has been quite remarkable.

    Over the past 13 years, my journey with this company has been quite remarkable. It all began as an apprentice at ATS Euromaster, and within 18 months, I progressed to a Service Technician. With the invaluable support of ATS Euromaster, I completed an IMI course and achieved the title of Master Technician within just two years.

    My career continued to flourish as I transitioned into management. I spent a year as an Assistant Manager, followed by a seven-year tenure as a Centre Manager. In 2021, the opportunity to become an Area Operations Manager presented itself, and I grasped it with both hands.

    ATS Euromaster has been the driving force behind my growth. The company not only provided opportunities but also offered qualifications and a Manager Development Programme that have been instrumental in my journey. At ATS Euromaster, I've experienced a culture of trust and strong leadership.

    What truly sets ATS Euromaster apart is the unwavering focus on personal and professional development, which has not only added immense value to my career but has also honed my leadership and coaching skills, contributing significantly to our business's success.

    Aaron, Area Operations Manager